CIA of the USA: GLONASS - not for us!

2013-11-17 09:30 PM | Politics
CIA of the USA: GLONASS - not for us! On a way of the Russian navigation satellite system of GLONASS there was an unexpected obstacle: CIA and the Pentagon in every way try not to allow placements of the GLONASS measuring stations in the territory of the USA

The request for construction of eight stations sent our “Roskosmos” to U.S. State Department in May, 2012, but permission wasn’t got. Now game against the Russian system joined intelligence services and military. They believe that existence of such stations in States, will allow Russia “to receive the base in the American territory which considerably will increase the accuracy of the Russian guided missiles”. Besides, consider in CIA and the Pentagon, the Russian scouts in the purposes can use stations.

However, matter not only in it. The American politicians for many years teaching us to “market reforms” and competition development as a necessary element of the market, suddenly in the open started talking that GLONASS is simply unprofitable to them.

- I want to understand why the USA have to be interested in encouragement of such competitor of GPS as the Russian GLONASS system when GPS use around the world is obvious advantage to the USA in many respects, - congressman Mike Rogers directly declared, for some reason, however, forgotten that Russia very quietly agreed to place in the territory of 19 stations of GPS system.

- No threat for safety of the USA is present, it is noodles on ears to the inhabitant, - the editor of the Bulletin GLONASS magazine Konstantin Kreydenko commented to Komsomolskaya Pravda of alarm of Americans. - Most likely, it is simply old political intolerance of Russia at some figures.

After all stations about which there is a speech, only work for reception, and can’t technically do much harm to any system. Twice per day such station carries out synchronization of orbital group GLONASS, allowing to specify coordinates of all 24 satellites that in turn, gives more exact data for the consumer on the earth.


The global navigation satellite system (GLONASS) is the Russian analog of the American System of global positioning (GPS). She allows to define location and speed of movement of overland, sea and air objects with an accuracy of 1 meter.

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