Sergey Stepashin: «A situation connected with plunders of means, allocated for state purchases – critical»

2012-11-15 09:28 AM | Sundries
The chairman of Audit Chamber of Russia Sergey Stepashin published yesterday the joint ventures obtained by auditors data from which follows that every year from the means allocated for state purchases, not less than one trillion rubles is plundered.

According to Stepashin, at present with state purchases there was a critical situation. It informed that the one fourteenth annually goes to pockets of state officials and businessmen affiliated with them consolidated budget of the country, reports “Interfax”.

The head of Audit Chamber noted that such data managed to be received as a result of the checks which have been carried out by his department. «Unfortunately, I think, there will be new affairs. All materials are transferred in Military prosecutor’s office», – he noted.

Stepashin also reminded that the State Duma now considers the bill of transition to federal contract system of purchases. It should make procedure of more transparent and prevent large plunders.

Let’s remind, and earlier Sergey Stepashin repeatedly expressed alarm concerning the large-scale corruption occurring in the sphere of the state purchases. In particular, last year it brought the offer to create agency on control of system of state purchases on the basis of Federal service of the financial and budgetary supervision (Rosfinnadzor).

In interview to “The Russian newspaper», published on Monday, Stepashin declared that the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation intends to carry out a number of checks of use of budgetary funds large state companies which will mention, in particular, the Russian football union (RFU), chairman Sergey Stepashin reported.

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